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Why Choose a One Room Model for Your Child?

The Old One Room Schoolhouse Model Made New Again

Have you ever dreamed of sending your child to a one room school house out in the country?

A place where children can grow and learn traditional values, where order and respect are the norm?

Do you worry about the direction much of the culture is going and long for a place where things make sense, a place where the Bible is taught and children may pray?

Would you like your children to be taught the great history of our country and to be encouraged to recite the pledge and sing the national anthem?

Would you like your children to be in the same class together?

Would you like a school where your child receives individual attention that has been tailored to their needs?

If you desire these things in a school, you are not alone! Many Christian parents long for a school like this today. One room school houses once were found in abundance across our country. They were a place where parents were proud to send their children. These schools were small and affordable. They offered an education that still remains superior. Schools were close to home.

Family life was enjoyed. Families ate meals together, worked together and played together. Now with so many activities competing for our time, families are pulled in many different directions.

This is the new normal for family life in our country, but it does not have to be. There are better ways to educate your children without sacrificing your family’s values. You can have the one room schoolhouse today. We know this because we have such a school in rural North Morristown.

Families in our community have chosen Trinity Lutheran school for over a century for these very reasons. Our rich heritage continues. Over 121 years ago, Trinity Lutheran Church in North Morristown opened a school. The children were taught the 3 R’s and traditional Christian values. School was first held in the old church building. Children attended school four days a week through nine month of the year. Over the years there have been many changes and much fruit from those first labors.

You will notice some different things about our school. First of all, we are out in the country and we like it that way!

Our school feels more like a home and less like an institution. We have purposely designed a curriculum that will instill an appreciation for beauty and truth. At a time when most schools are cutting fine arts instruction, we think that it is important to offer more. It has been shown that learning music helps children learn other subjects better, and it gives them life long skills to enjoy.

We are dedicated to teaching our children tried and true content. Fads and trends that do not last are not worthy of teaching. Your child’s faith will be nurtured here and not undermined. School days are begun and ended in prayer. Creation is embraced and taught. Our school is committed to offering a high academic standard that helps everyone to achieve and do their best.

As we look forward to each new school year, we are seeing the wisdom of the one room schoolhouse model. A one room model has a number of advantages. First, children are able to learn more at their own pace, rather than being tied to a large class where some will be bored and others left behind. Second, it allows us to operate the school with a mix of ages together without the expense of trying to divide grade levels. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the children learn, work and play with others who are not their same age. Older children learn to help younger children; younger children look up to their older classmates and learn maturity. The children learn to be kind, polite, helpful and diligent in their work.

One-Room Model: About Us
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