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Why German?

One unique thing about our school is the opportunity for students to learn the German language.  

Many of the choices we have made for our curriculum have been specifically chosen to help children learn.  Learning a foreign language has been demonstrated to increase the size of the brain’s language center, improve memory and even make your grey matter more dense.

The German language in particular has several benefits:

  • German has sounds that English does not.  This requires the students to listen carefully to pay attention to the way they move their mouths and tongues when they speak.

  • German has a different word order and structure than English.  This helps students learn grammar in both languages.

  • German is a living language.  We can use songs, nursery rhymes, stories and dialogues to make learning easy and enjoyable.

  • German can be taught to children of various ages and experience at the same time.

  • Experience learning German will help prepare students for learning other languages in the future.

German class is not just about one subject, but is part of an overall program designed to help our children succeed in learning.

Why German?: About Us
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