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Our History

Our Present

We have worked, lived, and loved 18 pastors and nearly 60 full and part-time teachers. Trinity currently has over 300 baptized members and over 250 confirmed members. Rev. Juan Palm has served as pastor since 2012.

Our school currently educates students in grades K-6.

Miss Juanita Krueger: Kindergarten-2nd Grade, Geography

Pastor Palm: Bible, German, and Violin

Mrs. Wetzel: Science

Mrs. Palm: History

Mrs. Holland: Art

Mrs. Gehrke: Art

Tyler Saemrow: Physical Education

Laura Weber: Physical Education

Our Past

The German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession, today known as Trinity Lutheran Church of North Morristown, was just a handful of people in August 1868 when Rev. C.G.T. Krause came by horseback from Faribault to serve as a Lutheran pastor every third Sunday. Services were held in log homes. In 1881, John Weber donated a piece of land on which the congregation erected a log church which was dedicated in 1882. By 1887, there were 30 members and the log church was getting too small. The congregation then bought two acres of land from Chas. Wegner on which the new frame church was built. The new church was dedicated on October 14, 1888. 

In 1892, the congregation, consisting of 45 families, decided to call their own minister, Mr. August Zitzmann, a graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Besides serving as pastor, he also started teaching 35 children in the old log church four days a week, nine months of the year. Instruction was in German in the forenoon and English in the afternoon. 

In 1898, the old school became too small and the congregation built a new school to the east of the new church and was dedicated on October 9, 1898. Pastor Zitzmann taught 98 students in the new school for two years until 1900, when a new teacher was installed. 

In May 1910, twelve members and their families branched off and founded Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Morristown. 

In July 1924, the church was remodeled and a basement put in. 

Tragedy struck on March 22, 1938 when a bolt of lightning set fire to the church, completely destroying it. On June 26, 1938 the cornerstone was laid for the new church, which was dedicated on October 16, 1938. The current building stands on the same location that the former church stood. 

In 1946, it was decided to hire two teachers for the school and divide grades 1 through 8 into two classrooms. In 1974, a library was added to the existing school. A fellowship hall that connects the church and school was added in 1980. During the 2009-2010 school year, the school took a sabbatical to regroup. It started back up in 2010 with one teacher, Mrs. Kay Cram. 

Our church and school has a rich heritage and continues to share the love of Christ that has passed own through the generations. 

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