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“I am so blessed to have gone to TLNM. I made lifelong friendships, received an invaluable education, and, most importantly, came to know God’s love, mercy, and grace. I am forever grateful for my parents making sacrifices so I could receive the best education and be loved by my teachers, classmates, and parents. Someday, I hope to send my children to a Lutheran School because I want them to have as wonderful education as I did.”

“Carly has been at the school for 4 years. It’s been a fantastic help to her and she has learned so much academically, spiritually, and socially. She loves her teachers and the kids that are in the school. We believe that the school has been a great support to our own values and to how we want to raise our daughter.”

“I went to Trinity NM School from 1st to 8th grade (1996-2005). I learned things there that you can’t anywhere else. My strong faith and continual dedication to God rooted from here. Not to mention, the way you learn in a small classroom setting, in the country, is unlike any other. My best memories are those which took place here. As a member of the church still, I cannot be more proud that I went here. I hope to one day send my children to this school!” 

“When I consider other options, I believe what Trinity North Morristown has to offer cannot be beat by any other school!” 

“I attended K – 8th grade. It was a great Christian school. I would recommend to others to put their children in there to attend school.”

“Those three years at Trinity North Morristown has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life.”

“My older daughter is currently in 1st grade, and my younger daughter will be in Kindergarten in the Fall. My daughter is an avid reader and she is currently reading at a 5th grade level. She has been doing 2nd grade Phonics this year and already knows what adjectives and adverbs are. She is learning daily about Jesus and what he did for her and everyone, and her love of Jesus shows in the journal entries she writes and the artwork she makes. I cannot recommend this school enough.” 

“I had a great experience at North Morristown. It provided me with a wonderful base of knowledge and Christian faith. And you can’t beat the setting. There is something undeniably special about that place.” 

“I attended North Morristown in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The small class sizes and Christian teachers made it a great learning environment.”

“I went there from 6-8 grade. I really liked the Saxon math textbooks.” 

“I had such an amazing childhood out at North Morristown! I loved being able to be out in the country. My education was so important to the teachers out there. Because of my experience, inspiration, and dedication of the teachers and staff at North Morristown, I have been pulled in the direction of teaching myself and cannot wait to inspire the children I teach, just like how I was inspired when I attended Trinity North Morristown.”

“I and our 3 children graduated from Trinity. My personal experience holds many memories, friendships that continue today, as well as excellent preparation for life, academically, socially, and spiritually. My children experienced the same, and currently are strong in their faith, have achieved their goals in their professions, and have a strong family and social network. This school has the support of many and God has continued to bless this school.”

“This school means so much to me. I will never be able to repay the kindness, education, and faithful foundation that I received here.”

“If only everyone in the whole world could experience this kind of childhood… North Morristown is a gem!”

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